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Al and Dawn
October 2018

I met Bob Kope under stressful circumstances.  We have had some financial difficulties the past few years and the home our family of six was renting unexpectedly went under contract and we had a short time to vacate as our lease was close to expiration.  Leasing another home is a very difficult task when you have four children, so I began to research alternative options.  I saw an advertisement Bob had placed for a rent-to-own program and reached out to him.  I was so appreciative of his quick response as time was of the essence.  We were near panic as our lease was due to expire, but Bob was very reassuring that we had numerous options.  

In the next week, Bob took us to see numerous homes within the rent-to-own program. This was challenging for him because he not only had our needs, but had to reconcile them with the company that purchases and rents the homes.  Several of the deals fell through, but Bob proceeded without hesitation on to the next options.  We did find our home that was then purchased and rented to us.  We have a purchase option for this home.

What I appreciated most about working with Bob was that even though we were in a bind time-wise, he never pushed us into any homes we did not like.  He listened thoroughly to our needs and expended an awful lot of his time in helping us.  He has followed up with us afterward and genuinely cares about how we have been doing.  He did things like noticing blemishes on the walls, so he took numerous pictures for our protection.  Not many realtors do something like that!  My wife and I wholeheartedly recommend Bob to anyone seeking an honest and genuine realtor.

Al and Dawn Orfi
Cumming, GA

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